4 Great Things To Learn About Cigars

Puffing on a cigar can be a soothing, deeply pleasurable way to pass the time. Unlike cigarettes, cigars are made to be savored and enjoyed. These four basic cigar facts can help you get started enjoying cigars or improve your current smoking hobby: 1. All cigars don't taste alike. Each cigar has its own unique flavor profile. Cigars taste like the tobacco used in their creation. The type of tobacco leaf used as wrapping and the cut and roll of a cigar can affect the flavor as well. Read More 

Questions To Ask At Your Local Vape Shop

If you have a local vape shop that has become your go-to for cartridges and e-juices, you may want to stop by sometime when they're not too busy. This gives you some more time to talk to the owner or manager and ask a few questions. Starting a conversation and asking the right questions can help you discover new products and also learn more about vaping in general. So, what questions should you ask at the local vape shop? Read More