3 Ingredients To Look For In A THC Detox Tea

Drug tests have become more commonplace in today's society. Passing a drug test is typically a prerequisite for acquiring a job, and large corporations may require random drug testing while you are in their employ. These tests are designed to detect various substances within the body, so ensuring that your body is properly detoxified prior to taking a drug test is important. Eliminating THC from your body can seem like a challenging task, but it's a goal that can be accomplished by following a strict detox routine that features a reputable detox tea. Read More 

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea For Different Types Of Tobacco Users

There are lots of ways to enjoy tobacco besides smoking cigarettes. Many people enjoy tobacco in its rawer form, when it is rolled fresh into a cigar or when it is smoked via a vape pen or consumed via chewing tobacco. If you have someone in your life who enjoys tobacco, here are a few Valentine Day gift ideas. Cigar Smoker For the tobacco user in your life who enjoys a nice cigar, you have a few different options. Read More 

Tips For Those New To Vaping

Using vaporizers and e-cigarettes is emerging as a popular option to smoking traditional cigarettes. However, those that are new to using these devices will often be unsure of the steps that they should be taking to avoid encountering performance problems with their vaporizer. If this applies to you, there are several ways that you may be able to reduce the risks of experiencing these issues. Avoid Letting The Battery Get Too Hot Read More 

3 Reasons To Opt For A Glass Pipe Instead Of Wood

Pipes are portable, reusable smoking accessories that make financial and aesthetic sense for most smokers. When it comes to purchasing a pipe, you'll have many choices, including size, design, and material. The first thing you should consider is what material you want your pipe made from. Common materials include glass, wood, stone, acrylic, and metal, with glass and wood being by far the most common.  Although many smokers prefer the aesthetics of wood pipes, there are several reasons to choose glass pipes instead. Read More